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Find on this page the links to articles from the real press passionate about video games and independent games.

We’ve decided to present you with the few press articles that have done us the honour of sharing a little news about our games. Whether it’s about our old games, our games in development or reviews of our released games, every true indie game enthusiast who has talked about our titles deserves a place here.
(Especially if they’ve done something good… obviously…hahaha)

11/01/2024 – Article in Indie Game Picks

Magret & FaceDeBouc “The buddy-buddy case”

08/01/2024 -Article in myjoygaming

Magret & FaceDeBouc: Kickstarter και demo

28/01/2023 -Article in La Vision d’un Gamer

INTERVIEW | Romuald de Adipson Studio

23/10/2022 -Article in State of Gaming

Rencontre avec un créateur de génie : Adipson Studio