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Discover the origins of Adipson Studio and its very first independent video game, 3 GEEKS

This article is specifically aimed at those eager to learn more about the individual behind the name Adipson and the genesis of this inaugural point-and-click game, 3 GEEKS.

Who is Adipson Studio?

Romuald Serrado
Romuald Serrado.

As odd as it may seem, Adipson has been in existence since 2002, but it only professionally and officially ventured into the realm of video games in January 2019.

At the helm of what is termed a « Studio » today is Romuald Serrado, yours truly. A 48-year-old, born in Fréjus on the French Riviera, currently based in Hyères, France.

As an independent freelancer in advertising from 2002, I specialized in creating 2D cartoon mascots for businesses, amassing over 800 creations until 2010.

From 2010 to 2014, I shifted gears to become a website creator, web designer, and, during those four years, embarked on the wild project of simultaneously creating a video game that had been brewing in my mind since the ’80s. Back then, I had coded my first lines at the age of 11 on a Commodore 64 (thanks to magazines like TILT and Hebdogiciel!).

From 2014 to the present day, I honed my skills in web writing and SEO and continue this activity to date.

Today, in 2019, I indeed released the game 3 GEEKS but continue to honor my commitments to editorial work for clients who place their trust in me daily.

But why call it a studio when you’re alone?

It’s not a matter of megalomania or even schizophrenia, although this name did originate from a personal whim after numerous encounters that dubbed me as someone with multiple individuals living in their head. And one could argue that this isn’t entirely untrue, given that I am speaking to you today about a video game created… entirely by myself!

Graphics, programming, gameplay, game design… Every aspect was handled solely by me. The only external contributions here were from an English translator (a native French speaker), a music creation studio (, and a few beta testers.

But if I added the term « studio, » it was merely precautionary… just in case I felt the urge to continue coding games after 3 GEEKS and envision recruiting collaborators to expand this activity. However, we’re not there yet, so it remains Studio Adipson, with just one person and 15 others in his head…

The Genesis of 3 GEEKS

This game was born in the ’80s. When I programmed on a Commodore 64, I was already crafting an adventure game using the limited resources offered by that 8-bit computer and its 16 colors. Later, the Atari ST era influenced me with its array of iconic point-and-click games like the creations of Lucas Arts or games like Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island, or Day of the Tentacle…

The game project evolved on Atari ST using the Stos Basic language but was lost forever on a 3.5-inch disk containing 1 MB of data…

Life took its course, and I drifted away from this IT field, which had only been a hobby, to dedicate myself to a more artistic professional future (study of advertising drawing, artistic studies, etc.).

In 2012, I discovered Chris Jones’s AGS (Adventure Games Studio) software, which was becoming popular for designing point-and-click games. After a quick test, several months of self-taught training, and seeking help on a well-known forum for French users of this software (, the game slowly began to take shape. It evolved, through life’s ups and downs, over 7 years until 2019…

The 3 GEEKS were born, initially planned as « KinGeeks Quest » and then « Nous sommes 3 Geeks » before being officially christened upon release in 2019 as « 3 GEEKS » or « GE3KS. »

Influences of 3 GEEKS

It’s important to note that this game might seem rather peculiar to English-speaking players because it was originally created by a French individual, with French references, and aimed at a French player base. On this occasion, it’s also worth highlighting that I personally label it as a game targeted at gamers over 30. See the PEGI 30 article here for better understanding.

The point-and-click game 3 Geeks thus references cult comedies like the film « Les 3 Frères » by Les Inconnus, « Les Bronzés, » the TV series « Big Bang Theory, » or even iconic ads like Quindaire Buéno, which seems to annoy both the game’s protagonists, Rodolphe and Cyprien, and players who endure a real ordeal with Luc and his infamous Quindaires Bouenow throughout the game…

Irritating, right? Well, that’s deliberately done to share the ordeal of these two geeks who endure this burden but have plenty to do in chapter 3 of the game.

Some English speakers might also stumble upon wordplay that can’t be translated into a foreign language and hence remains in French in the game’s English-translated version.
I’m referring here to numerous puns during the encounter with the 7 dwarfs in the forest (« Nainvincible, » « Nainportequoi, » « Naimposteur, » which don’t quite work with « Dwarf »…etc.).

It’s also important to note, especially for an English-speaking gamer or journalist, that this game was initially a personal challenge. Therefore, it’s logical that all its foundations (images, signposts, graphic messages) are in French.

However, an alternative was introduced to give non-French-speaking players a chance to try it out: a translation of each on-screen element with a simple click of the mouse triggers a live translation of the characters. Similarly, the notebook allows you to follow missions and guide or refocus on objectives.

Should I embark on a new project someday, all this won’t be adapted in the same way.

And now that 3 GEEKS has been released?

Well, personally, I’m in the stage of studying and analyzing the game’s evolution and how it is perceived by players. I take into account all remarks and criticisms, which highlight the inevitable mistakes made in this first game, to draw lessons and avoid repeating them in future projects, significantly improving the gameplay of the studio’s upcoming titles…

05/08/2021 – Edit: This game is GrandMa Badass.

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